Online Enrollment Application
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This form is the first step to enrolling your new student online. Complete it to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure system.
If you have students who are currently enrolled in our school district and need to enroll a younger or additional sibling(s) or you currently have a Temporary Account, please click back and select the Student Online Application button.
Welcome to Evergreen Public Schools Student Online Enrollment Application ! 
This portal is for families to start the electronic enrollment process for their student(s) that will attend Evergreen Public Schools. We are currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2019-2020 school year.  Once the information below has been submitted, you will either receive an email or a screen message (if no email address was provided) with your account information and a link to access the login page for the portal.
During the enrollment process, you will have the opportunity to attach the required documentation to the application. If you do not have access to a photo or scan of the required documents, please bring copies to your child's school:
Required Documentation
  • Government Issued Birth Certificate – required for kindergarten or first grade only.
  • Proof of Residency – These are the only acceptable documents for verification. 
    • Mortgage statement/Current rental agreement
    • Government issued check or correspondence
    • Public Agency Documents (DSHS, Courts)
    • Current payroll check or stub with name and address
    • Utility bill (water, sewer, electric) Cell phone bill is not acceptable
    • Post office (USPS) address update form (temporary only) – Please not that within 30 days you must provide one of the above documents
    • Not Accepted: Cell phone  bill, driver’s license address, signed statement from homeowner/lease holder
  • Optional Documentation
    • Withdrawal Grades from previous school (grades 7 – 12 only)
    • Unofficial Transcripts for all previous schools (grades 9 - 12 only)
*Please note that the Enrollment process is not completed until you are contacted by the school registrar. You may be contacted to schedule an appointment.
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